DBsign® Products Options

Our highly secure, easy to implement secure digital signature solution

Are you worried about the safety and security of your operating environment?  Gradkell’s DBsign® is the only digital remote signature solution to pass all of the required U.S. Department of Defense third-party security certifications. DBsign® meets US and international standards, it is easy to integrate, and it supports popular databases, servers, and web-based applications. DBsign® uses PKI to allow millions of users to work fast and in a secure environment.

Software Modernization

Greater agility, less risk using leading technology solutions

Legacy systems can prevent you from meeting today’s business demands. Gradkell helps clients transition from legacy hardware and software applications to modern solutions that include Oracle products and cloud-based applications. We consult with clients to find the right solutions so you can become more productive and competitive at less cost. The result is a modern infrastructure that makes your company more agile, collaborative, and efficient.

Cloud Migration

Building scale, security, and performance

New applications and devices challenge your capability to handle your growing data needs. Our cloud architects will develop a strategy to build your cloud presence following cost-effective agile-based processes.  Gradkell has the knowledge, certifications, and experience to get you up and running (securely), and in compliance with your industry requirements. Our cloud architects are well-versed in a variety of cloud technologies, from Azure to Oracle, so you can be sure that your cloud configuration will suit your needs — and any regulatory requirements.

Cybersecurity Options

Advanced security solutions to reduce cyber risk

There’s a cyber attack every 39 seconds!  From malware and phishing to human error and unsecure cloud storage, your organization is constantly at risk. Gradkell helps clients ensure their data and platforms remain intact by using the latest cyber solutions.  We help you reduce cyber risks and use the RMF framework to categorize, implement, and monitor solutions.  We are experts at Oracle-based products that keep your most valuable assets safe.   Over the past 20 years, the Department of Defense and other U.S. Government agencies have relied on Gradkell Systems to provide their cybersecurity needs.

Data Analytics

Turning data into action

You have data. But what you really need are actionable insights. We help clients integrate and mine data, capturing critical information that decision-makers need. From capturing data feeds, sorting data, and creating reports, we help optimize your business for greater productivity, better customer experience, and engagement. Gradkell helps customers uncover the wealth within their data using the latest technology and industry experience.