Our Company

Gradkell Systems, Inc. is SBA certified as Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)
  • Theresa A. Gaston – Chief Executive Officer
  • Nancy L. Smith – Secretary / Treasurer
  • Lauren E. Smith – Partner

About the CEO:

Ms. Gaston began her career with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope at Goddard Space Flight Center. She received a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and pursued studies in Computer Science at the University of Maryland. Ms. Gaston worked briefly at Gradkell Systems before joining Oracle Corporation. She rejoined Gradkell in 2004 as a software engineer, and eventually as the project manager, for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Project Management System (PROMIS II) development and maintenance. She later moved over to manage the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Financial Management System (CEFMS) before stepping into the CEO position.

The company was founded in April 1990 by a husband-and-wife team and had the following owners:

  • Kelly S. Mitchell – CEO/President
  • Grady P. Gaston – Vice President
  • Edward Smoot – Partner

Ms. Mitchell left in June 2006 to start another company. Mr. Gaston resigned as President in the summer of 2020 after 30 years of service and sold his stake in the company.

The Gradkell Experience

Trusted by government agencies and commercial enterprise clients to deliver solutions to complex problems and oversee large-scale projects, Gradkell Systems works with you to implement your strategy and vision. We blend expertise and innovation with a custom approach tailored to your organization, protecting your data and assets while developing your capabilities and preparing you for the future. Whether you are transitioning to a more modern infrastructure, upgrading your cyber defenses, or creating something entirely new, you can depend on Gradkell Systems for the most effective solutions.

Our Approach

With Gradkell, you benefit from our years of experience working to the highest standards, along with the knowledge, problem-solving, and ingenuity of our team of talented and creative engineers and architects. Our employees have aced cloud architect and cyber security exams and our software has earned the most rigorous approvals, but we know that what really matters is whether we can help you with your specific needs. Our Agile approach takes into account your organization’s infrastructure, business considerations, and complexities. We help you modernize and scale your systems to advance your security and business goals.

Why Gradkell

We are invested in our clients’ success. That’s why we use industry best practices, tailored solutions, and our deep expertise to deliver. Gradkell is a GSA Contractor, and we adhere to the highest standards for project management and security.

We are U.S.-based, but our products and dedication have brought us customers from around the globe. Our proprietary DBSign digital signature software has passed the strictest international standards and earned a loyal following thanks to its distinctive features, certifications, and secure PKI verification. DBSign is the only digital remote signature solution to pass all of the required U.S. Department of Defense third-party security certifications. Learn more at dbsign.com.

We bring that same commitment to quality to building solutions for our customers, whether you are looking for cloud migration, software modernization, database management, custom application development, or cybersecurity.

For more information, contact us at info@gradkell.com or 866-472-3535.