DBsign Data Security Suite™

DBsign™ Data Security Suite adds PKI digital signature and authentication to web based applications accessed from all popular client operating systems and web browsers.

Digital signatures enable paperless business processes which save time and money by greatly speeding up business work-flows. DBsign® has been used for many different applications and can improve the efficiency and security of financial and accounting systems, document management systems, online approval chains, and many other types of systems.

DBsign™ is used by millions of users in dozens of applications and is the “tried and true” digital signature solution for security conscious environments. DBsign™ is also the only digital signature solution to pass all the required third party security certifications mandated the U.S. Department of Defense. Use the “tried and true” solution in your applications.

DBsign Javascript Web Signer™ (JSWS)

The DBsign Javascript Web Signer™ (JSWS) is a javascript client library that provides digital signing capabilities for HTML applications using the DBsign Data Security Suite™.

The JSWS provides a common application programming interface (API) for the DBsign Universal Web Signer™ (UWS) and DBsign Derived Signatures™ clients. By leveraging the JSWS and Derived Signatures solutions, digital signatures can be implemented an any HTML application without the need for plug-ins or other special client-side requirements in the browser. It is supported in all major web browsers including Microsoft Edge™, Safari™, Firefox™, Chrome™ and others[1] in both desktop and mobile environments.

DBsign Browser-Based File Signer™ (BBFS)

The DBsign Browser-Based File Signer™ (BBFS) can be used to produce and verify signatures for any document including but not limited to executables, objects, pictures, etc. DBsign BBFS will run in any browser with or without plugin capability. This includes Microsoft Edge™, Safari™, Firefox™, Chrome™ and others.[1]

Telecom Routing and API

We provide a secure full featured telecom API and related services that supports all US landline, mobile, and VoiP networks. Whether you need to send or receive 100 messages a day or 10 million messages an hour, our S9D platform and advanced API is perfect for your secure telecommunications needs. Our systems give you the ability to create your own advanced telecommunications application without the hassles of dealing with hundreds of telecom providers.

Our platform includes:

  • Phone Number Provisioning (any area code)
  • Voice Calls (in/out/IVR)
  • Two way SMS Messaging
  • Two way MMS Messaging (full carrier support)
  • Real time call source lookup
  • Geolocation (with or without GPS assistance)
  • SIP Trunking

If your goal is to create high speed telecommunications applications for public or private sector use, the Gradkell S9D Framework makes it possible. For more information call our sales department today.

See our S9D Information and pricing.

  1. Product names referenced are trademarks of their respective companies.