About Us

Founded in 1990, Gradkell Systems, Inc is a US based software development company that focuses on highly qualitative and cost-effective software services and security products. With a rich and varied experience providing customized application development, we help our clients solve complex business and security challenges using both thought process and technology solutions.

We bring many years of project management and systems integration expertise to your complex business challenges. Our team is not only passionate about staying ahead of the technology curve, but are experts in the fields of Oracle database, development tools and enterprise software applications. In addition, we specialize in business intelligence software and Java programming.

Gradkell not only defines requirements for the government’s large-scale finance and accounting system, but also provides the DBsign Data Security Suite®, a practical digital signature security system. Gradkell has provided level 3 in the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) for large Department of Defense customers. We currently provide the only ISO/IEC 15408 compliant CAC enabling drop-in digital signature component, DBsign. The first security product of its kind, DBsign is designed to be completely interoperable while protecting critical enterprise data stored in databases.

Our software solutions and security products are impeccably maintained and we provide both deployment services and support to our clients. Our comprehensive software development methodology and commitment to quality helps us to effectively add value to your current processes while preparing you for your future business needs.